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Welcome to Extracted Love!

Welcome!! We are so excited to launch Extracted Love and share such an incredible product with animals all over.  

Back in August of 2015, my husband and I were in a car accident.  As a result, I tore a disk and had another one bulging.  I experienced constant, intense sciatic nerve pain.  After two cortisone shots and large doses of pain pills, nothing seemed to help ease my pain.  I struggled for over 6 months until I discovered the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of inhaling/consuming cannabidiols.  Within two days the sciatic nerve pain was gone!  I instantly became very passionate about spreading the word and educating my friends and family about how cannabidiol changed my life and allowed me to slowly get back to my normal self again before the accident.  

My business partner and co-founder, Tim Anderson, and I both decided to part ways with a company we were working for last December.  After catching up over coffee a few months later, we discovered we had similar success stories with cannabidiol.  Tim played football for the University of Michigan and over the years acquired numerous injuries and pains.  He too, found pain relief with it.

With our corporate lives behind us, we started discussing possible business opportunities that incorporated the healing powers of cannabidiol.  After a lot of research and development, we discovered how impactful the results can be when ingested by animals.  Now, we can not claim our products heal or can cure arthritis, anxiety, hip dysplasia, etc. because there isn't nationally published scientific data and results.  However, new articles suggesting these results are starting to get published more and more frequently.  Our goal is to spread the word about our product, educate and share the positive feedback we receive daily from people who are giving their animals our treats and/or tinctures.   

Starting the first week of July, you can find us Thursdays and Saturdays at the Erie and Louisville farmers markets.  Come out and see us!!


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