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Dog Treats or Love Drops? That is the question.

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When people are searching for products for their dogs or cats a common question is should I buy Extracted Love dog treats or Love drops?  We wanted to share with you the difference between the products and why you would buy one over the other.  

Extracted Love dog treats are a delicious way to give your dog a dose of cannabidiol.  Each treat contains 1.75mg-2mg.  There are 30 treats in a box or a total of up to 60mg per box.  A box of treats generally lasts our customers about a month before they reorder.  Extracted Love dog treats are a great first step to introducing your dog to cannabidiol.  If your dog likes treats, they will love the coconut, peanut butter flavor of our treats.  We have even had notoriously picky eaters lick up the crumbs after devouring an Extracted Love dog treat.  

Love Drops.  What's not to love?  Our Love Drops are available in 100mg, 250mg and now 500mg doses.  We offer them in chicken, beef, maple and unflavored to please any animals pallet.  Love Drops offer a better bang for your buck.  The higher the dosage you purchase, the more you save per mg.  Repeat purchasers tend to switch to the Love Drops from the treats because of this reason.  The vet clinics we work with also tend to prefer the Love Drops because they are more concentrated than the treats.  We recommend putting the drops directly into the animals mouth.  If your animal does not like their mouth to be touched, you can still get them their dose by putting the Love Drops in their food or their water bowl.  Another plus with the Love Drops is if your dog is at the stage in their life where they are barely eating food or treats.  The drops can be easily put in their mouth or water without having to force them to eat anything.  

We hope this clears up any confusion or questions you may have had determining which product to order.  Whichever route you go, you can be certain your animal will be happy they have you as their owner!  


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