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Echo's anxiety

Meet Echo.   "Echo is a 5 month old male Siberian Husky. This puppy has brought a whole new joy to our home and family that we had no idea we were missing.  The amount of love a dog can add to life is really an amazing thing.

Huskies are work dogs and are naturally very high energy animals. They're also known for being headstrong and stubborn...and as sweet as he is, he fits the bill.  When he needs exercise, he can get pretty riled up and crazy...literally bouncing off the walls and furniture.   It's an easy problem to fix for Echo by just getting up off my butt and taking him out for some exercise...something I need as well.  It feels good to give back some happiness to Echo since he brings so much to me.

Echo also gets very anxious and excited during thunderstorms and with fireworks.  Unlike when he just needs exercise, this problem for Echo and so many other dogs, is much harder to fix.  Gus, our family dog growing up, had the same issues, and on the 4th of July, my mother used to give him a half of a Valium pill to try and calm him down.  It not only calmed him down, but knocked him out cold... which was probably the lesser of two evils.

Over the past month, there has been a lot of fireworks going off in our valley, culminating with an all night fireworks marathon going off on the 4th of July.  Every time fireworks go off, Echo immediately reacts by anxiously pacing back and forth, whimpering and barking.  As soon as we see him getting upset, we give him one our Extracted Love Dog Treats and within a few short minutes he settles down with us on the couch, very alert, but relaxed and without the anxious nervous energy.  

Like I said before... It feels good to give back some happiness and relief to my good boy Echo, since he gives me so much in return.  I am so thankful Extracted Love Dog Treats makes it possible." -Tim

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