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Fred's Story-The "tail" of a senior citizen

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Meet our little furry buddy Fred.  Fred is a 20 year old cat.  As with most people or animals that are in their later years in life, Fred was having a tough time walking around and his appetite had been steadily declining.  He has been dealing with chronic renal failure and has been seeing the vet for fluids weekly.  On a daily basis poor Fred would vomit and have constipation.  GIven cats have 9 lives, he was determined not to give up and was hoping to find something that would make him finally feel better.  

Luckily for Fred, he found our Love Drops.  After only two days of using the 100mg chicken flavored Love Drops his vet and owners saw "tremendous results."  They noted you could visually see him walking better and further distances.  In addition to his increased mobility, Fred's appetite had returned.  Not only would he eat now, but he would actually sit by his food and wait for someone to put the Love Drops in it prior to eating.  They also noted that his vomiting has decreased and he has returned to having regular bowel movements!  

We are so happy to hear the update and welcome Fred into the Extracted Love family!  Check out Extracted Love's Facebook page to see the before and after videos of Fred's progression.  

If you would like to share your dog or cats before and after story since using our products, we would love to share it!  Please email us at  

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