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Healing Autumn

On Monday we received a heart warming email from one of our customers that we wanted to share with everyone.

"Thank you so much for the gift of a little longer life without pain that your Love Drops have given our dog, Autumn.  She is a Yellow Lab, and she is 15 years, 4 months old.  She is old for her breed and has been declining a little for about a year, and has been on two medicines from the vet, for inflamation and pain.  She has nerve degeneration in hips and back legs, so sometimes she falls down or needs help getting up.  2 months ago she worsened and we had that very difficult conversation with the vet about how we would know when it is time to put her to sleep.  She was mopey and not interested in anything except food, she wasn't playing with her toys or laying in front of the open door "surveying her back yard kingdom" like she loved to do in the evenings. The vet thought we would have a few weeks left with her, not as long as a month. 

 I thank God that you had a booth in the park in Dog Days in the Park in Denver so my sister could meet you and tell me about you.  When we first gave Autumn Love Drops within about 20 minutes she got perkier.  She got the sparkle and interest back in her eyes, and she has been playing a little and spending her evenings laying by the back door looking around over the yard!  She is much more stable on her feet, and she is doing much better. 

We know this is the end of Autumn's life, and she will go soon.  Thank you for keeping her comfortable and for giving us these precious extra weeks.  It has been important to my husband, my son, and me to have this time to be with her, and it is very important to our daughter, who is in a rigorous senior year in a distant university and cannot make it home to say good-bye until Thanksgiving break.  Our daughter worked with Autumn in 4-H, and she is very close to Autumn.  She felt very bad about not having a chance to say good-bye, and now in 12 days she'll arrive home to be able to say good-bye.  Thank you for that incredible gift for our daughter."


Barb W. of Oregon


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