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Sunshine in Autumn

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This is Autumn.  When her owner, Barb, first contacted us through our website, Autumn was in pretty bad shape.  Barb has been ordering our 250mg and 500mg Love Drops regularly.  We just received an update from Barb last week and wanted to share the good news!

"When we heard of Love Drops it was mid-September and the vet thought and we could see it too, that we would probably have to put her to sleep by early October.  This week we are 6 months past that time!  Autumn has been with us through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and going toward Easter!  What a blessing in our lives!  She is gradually declining and she may or may not make it to her 16th birthday in 3 months, but we are so grateful for this extra time with her and for her mobility and lack of pain. Thank you!"  -Barb


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