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Willie-The adopted Pitbull

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Receiving testimonials from customers is still one of the best parts of our day!  This is Willie, a 7 year old adopted pitbull.  HIs parents wrote in about his story.

"Willie has always struggled with separation anxiety & was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. We opted to treat it with the only options available,  amputation followed by chemotherapy. I started doing some research on natural ways to help him as well and someone suggested CBD oil, so we started him on Extracted Love 500mg about 3 months ago (along with 2 other natural remedies), following his amputation.  It has seemed to help with his pain & general mood (hopefully slowing or stopping the spread of the cancer) but most surprising his anxiety. He had been on a prescription doggie anti-anxiety medication for several years & after starting him on Extracted Love, we were able to take him off of it! And I do know it's the Love Drops that are helping him as I had run out of the other remedies at one point & only had it & he did great, even staying at the dog sitter while we were out of town! This is a dog who has eaten a couch, several door frames,  part of a wall & potties on stuff when he gets overly nervous or excited, so the results are beyond amazing!"

We love hearing result stories such as Willie's!  If you feel inclined to email us your animals' story, we would love to hear it and share it with others! 

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