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"My vet recommended adding the Extracted Love oil to her epileptic med (Pb).  She’s only had a couple minor seizures now that were treated at home rather than in the vet office over the past 9 months. A far cry from when she was rescued from a puppy mill last September.  Here is a pic of the sweet little ‘Ninja', Elsa, and her brother, Sam, who gets a few drops whenever we need to take an extended car ride to calm his jitters on the road. Many thanks for your product which I truly believe is a boon to my little epi-warrior as well as my boy who does not enjoy car rides."

-Monika M. 

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"I really believe the use of your drops has helped this little guy survive.  It mellowed him out enough so that he was able to heal and is more mobile.  He is getting better every day. It was really hit or miss there right after he broke his back, he strained one of his front legs while trying to move around the same day. Adding the CBD to his meal times, reduced his anxiety enough that he was able to relax and the front leg was better in two days. His hind leg that was completely immobile after the back injury, now still isn't 100% and may never be, but at least he is able to move it and balance on it a little bit.  Thank you greatly for your product!"

-Gabriele Z.

This is Willie, he our 7 year old adopted pitbull, who has always struggled with separation anxiety & was recently diagnosed with bone cancer.  We started him on Extracted Love 500mg about 3 months ago (along with 2 other natural remedies), following his amputation.  It has seemed to help with his pain & general mood (hopefully slowing or stopping the spread of the cancer) but most surprising his anxiety. He had been on a prescription doggie anti-anxiety medication for several years & after starting him on Extracted Love, we were able to take him off of it!! This is a dog who has eaten a couch, several door frames,  part of a wall & potties on stuff when he gets overly nervous or excited, so the results are beyond amazing! "

-Athena G.

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"When he was two, Flower needed major spine surgery to avoid loosing the use of his back legs - the surgery was successful, however, he need large doses of medications to manage his pain; rimadyl, neurontin and tramadol. We began giving them one Extracted Love dog treat a day and Flower was able to discontinue all meds except a small dose of rymadyl.  When we began giving him six drops a day of the Love Drops, we could discontinue all meds. With her daily biscuit, Blossom has lost all signs of entering "senior dog" status."

-Patricia G.

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"Extracted Love has helped 16 year old George manage her arthritis pain and anxiety from dementia.  She's much more relaxed than she has been in years!  Extracted Love also agrees with her stomach-unlike the arthritis meds from the vet!"

-Hallie M.


"The Love Drops helped both of my cats! It curbed my older cat's stress induced UTIs (a life saver). Our younger cat used to cry around every night and now she doesn't. She seems more calm and less agitated/stressed. I love this stuff and will use it forever."

-Amy A

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"I honestly believe our Milo would not still be with us today if it were not for Love Drops.  He literally can not walk or stand in his litter box without 6-8 drops per day.  He continues to improve.  We are all very happy to have more time with Milo."

-Mike B.

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"Recently my 7 year old boxer, Keeley, was diagnosed with a tumor on her bladder.  The Love Drops seemed to have immediately helped with inflammation because she has not had an accident inside since (they were a daily occurrence) and she is also walking again with ease.  Before the drops I was trying to think of a way to transport her in and outside, and now she's walking totally comfortably. Tonight she BEGGED to go on a walk.:) I can not thank you enough. With the help of your product, we both have happier days on the horizon!"
-Sammy D

"My dog Corona, has bad hips and multiple kinds of cancer.  She is just getting old and has been having a hard time getting around the house (going up stairs, getting out of her dog house, etc.), and barely eating.  She is too old for us to really do much to help her considering outrageous vet prices, therefore we have been trying to find an affordable alternative to surgeries and medications to make her as comfortable as possible until it is her time.  The answer has been Extracted Love Dog Treats.  Corona is now getting up and down the stairs more easily, she is roaming around the house again, instead of just laying and sleeping all the time, and she eats. I could not be more grateful for the help Extracted Love has given my best friend Corona."  - Kayla Katzenmeier


"My dog Carl gets severe anxiety from the wind and thunderstorms. Carl will shake and pant uncontrollably to the point where I am afraid that he will give himself a heart attack!  I was giving him calming drops for pets, but as soon as he saw the bottle he would run.  I started giving him dog treats from Extracted Love and it has helped with his anxiety tremendously, not to mention I don’t have to force them down his throat because he actually enjoys the treat. I would recommend these treats for any pet owner that has an animal with anxiety." - Nicole


 "Our dog Jake is a 10 year old German Shepherd and suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis and anxiety. Extracted Love treats have helped him with his everyday aches and pains. They help him to feel young again, chasing bubbles and playing with our 2 young boys again. We are so grateful to have found an alternative to expensive prescribed medicines."  - Christina



"This is Bubba.  He likes to think he's a 'tough guy,' but he's really just a big ball of love.  He's always been afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises, but his anxiety has increased with age and he sometimes shakes from fear and nothing seems to calm him.  The medication prescribed by his vet actually made the situation worse in the long run.  After hearing about cannabidiol oil and it's calming properties, we decided to give it a try.  I'm SO GLAD we did!  He has calmed down SO much ... and I don't worry about giving him unnatural ingredients.  Truly an answer to prayers!!" -Nicole B

"As a boxer, I have a lot of energy as it is.  I was mistreated as a puppy so sometimes when I'm taken out of my everyday routine, my normal energy combined with a whole lot of anxiety ends in a bad day for everyone.  I love my new dog treats because they help take the anxiety away! Extracted Love, you're the best!" -Love Chloe the misunderstood boxer.


"Autumn developed old-age degenerative nerve damage in her back legs so that they weren't working as well anymore and was on two medications to help her. 2 months ago the vet expected we might have a few weeks left before it would be a kindness to Autumn to put her to sleep.  Then we found Love Drops and gave them to Autumn, and she went from moping and looking dejected to being bright-eyed and perky again, being more stable on her feet, playing with her toys, and laying at the open back door looking over the yard as she loves to do.  Thank you for helping her last days to be so good and for giving us all a little more time together."

-Barb W


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